Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Battle of Mother's Day

So many people don't realise the battle that Mother's Day brings for so many people. I have wondered about posting something nearer the day but I know all too well how much it hurts so left the post till a week later!
The reality is that so many people do ache - perhaps their Mother has passed away and the void is there - every year that reminder comes of someone so important in their lives no longer there.
Others like me long to be a Mother, to own that title, but once again the reminder hits the core of your being. It is a hard one - I love my Mother and my Mother-in-law very much and love to take the opportunity to send a card and thank them for being the people that they are, but at the same time my own ache after the various losses that I have experienced is huge. Mother's Day is a tough day.

Last Sunday my husband and I noticed that different churches that we drove past were giving out flowers to all the women - some churches gave a daffodil to every woman, others (slightly better off churches) were giving out roses! Malcolm and I talked about it as we drove - wondering how folks would feel if they were handed a flower to mark such a painful day in the year for them - perhaps they may love it and appreciate it, perhaps it would be a reminder of the gap or the pain they felt for that day. I actually don't have an answer but I do hope that these churches considered how they make people feel before such a gift - it is one thing to think of it as a nice gesture and out of kindness and love but another when the gesture may actually hurt the recipient.

The pain of Mother's Day is not generally mentioned or talked about - the shops cash in on cards, flowers and trinkets - marketing it carefully to make the most profit - but I have never ever seen a card saying something like 'thinking of you on this difficult day' in respect of Mother's Day!

For everyone out there who, like me, find this day so very hard and one for tears rather than laughter - I just want to leave you with this verse from Numbers 6 (amplified version):-

"The Lord bless you and watch, guard, and keep you; The Lord make His face to shine upon and enlighten you and be gracious, kind, merciful, and giving favor to you; The Lord lift up His approving countenance upon you and give you peace, tranquility of heart and life continually."