Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The unseen stories

On Saturday night I was at the CLC bookshop in Holborn, central London. It was a night to celebrate my father-in-laws 75th birthday. It was a great evening.
A couple of times during the evening I talked to several people who wanted to talk to me specifically about the book 'It's ok to Cry' - one shared with me how it had really helped her daughter through a tough time, but now she has a child so everything is ok. Another shared with me that she wanted to buy the book for someone else and she asked me to write something in the front cover to the person. There was another older couple who read the book and shared how it had helped them even in their senior years after going through life without having any children of their own - they are now blessed by adopting some grandchildren in the church they are a part of.

The more I have thought about it the more I realise day by day there are so many unseen stories so many people struggling, some stories ending with joy and delight, others still waiting and then there are others who never see the answer to their longings, to their hearts desire. I wonder as I type this where you are on the pathway of your life - are you in the midst of the overwhelming struggles, are you near to tears, are you desperate for life to hold something more precious - well whatever pathway you are on, whatever 'giant' faces you - keep looking to the Lord, keep praising, keep holding on - even if it is by the tips of your fingers - hold on and then start looking up to the Lord and think on Him. Just about Him - lay down the questions for a moment, the 'why's?', the 'what-ifs' and dare to take a fresh look up at the Lord..............even a glimpse will transform your day!