Monday, 8 December 2008

Quick Explanation

Thanks for all the e-mails wondering if I am ok due to the silence!

Back at the end of October my husband and I were in a car accident - our car was written off and I suffered a neck injury - it meant that for over a month I wasn't really functioning and at last I am back in the swing of things but now needing to catch up so blogging has kind of been low on my list!

Dear Christonette reminded me in her e-mail that 'It's hard to keep going on, when all hope is lost, but God is the only One who stays always the same!' The truth of that needs some absorbing but really is astounding when you take a moment to consider that God will not alter, shift or change - when the days are tough and dark and all you want to do is cry - the awesome God is still the same loving, compassionate, caring Father who knows the heartache, the silent tears, the lone moments, the questions and the uncertainty, the pain - He knows it all and He still loves you just the same!

I hope to get back to blogging after my madly busy week is over.......